Stand Up Paddle Board Reviews

There are many different Paddle Boards on the market, for this reason it can often not be clear which paddle board suits you the best. Although a buying guide can help you with your choice, a review can make the final decision. For this reason, we strive to make a review of every Stand Up Paddle Board, Electric Pump and popular accessory on our webshop. This way you can easily find out which board and/or accessoire suits you best!

moai 95 review

Moai 9'5" Paddle Board

Grade: 8,8


Moai 10'6" Paddle Board

Grade: 8,9

moai 11 paddle board review

Moai 11" Paddle Board

Grade: 9

Moai 12'6" Paddle Board

Grade: 8,8

Moai 14 Paddle Board

Grade: 8,2

Moai 12'4" Paddle Board

Grade: 8,5