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David Ziessen

January 9, 2023

We at ISUPcenter always thoroughly test the boards in our webshop. This time it was the turn of the Moai 12’6 Touring Board. Moai has several boards in its collection. Almost all boards are all-round, except this board. This is a touring supboard, made purely to cover long distances with comfort. With every SUP review we test the boards on a number of important factors, from quality to manoeuvrability.

What is the Moai 12’6 Touring for Paddle Board?

As the name suggests, this Paddle Board is really purely intended for touring. The intention of Moai is therefore to be able to cover the longest distances with as much comfort as possible with this board. At the bottom of this article you can read whether Moai also succeeded with the Moai 12’6 Touring Paddle Board. Moai has only just started operating in the SUP market, but if you didn’t know it, you wouldn’t notice it either. The Moai SUPS are of good quality and are therefore almost always available for a good price. You have a total of 5 different Moai boards, namely the 9’5″ allround, the 10’6″ allround, the 11″ allround, the 12’4″ allround family (2-person) and finally the 12’6″ touring . Every Moai board has the same design, only the properties and purposes differ. Would you like to know which Moai sup board suits you best? Then view our Moai advice guide. We tested the complete Moai 12’6 package, although this review is mainly about the board itself.

Contents of the Moai 12’6 Touring package

moai touring 126 sup board review

Contents of the Moai 12’6 touring package

All components to start supping are included in this complete package. From an adjustable paddle to a leash, everything you need is included. All components below are included in the package:
  • The Moai 12’6 Touring Paddle Board
  • NEW: Adjustable fiberglass/aluminium paddle
  • NEW: Reinforced trolley backpack (with wheels)
  • NEW: US vin box
  • Repair kit
  • Moai double action pump
  • Moai Leash
  • Removable center fin

Test Factors

Each paddle board is tested on the same factors. In this way we can guarantee the quality of every review. The following 4 factors appear in every SUP review:
  1. How qualitative the SUP is
  2. How stiff the board is
  3. Whether the SUP is stable in the water
  4. And finally, we test how agile the stand up paddle board is
After thorough testing of the four factors, we give each factor a score from 0 to 100. The average of these scores together will determine the final score of the board. Do you want to immediately see the final grade and the 0 to 100 scores? Then scroll to the bottom of the page. See below the results of the tested factors.

Quality of the Paddle board

The Moai 12’6 Touring paddle board amazed us from the very first moment. The stand up paddle board is amazingly qualitative for the competitive price it is offered for. Except for the normal creases and things like that, you will find with every inflatable SUP-Board, there was nothing to complain about. Moai strives for innovation and they show that again with this touring board. They are just new to the market but continue to release new types of board consistently.

Stiffness of the paddle board

The 12’6 is, like all other Moai boards, double-layered. Thanks to this double layer technology, the board bends considerably less quickly. It is also generally a lot firmer and you notice that in the paddling behaviour, you progress with a lot less effort. The only drawback to the double layer technology is the weight, it makes the SUP board heavier than a single layer board. Even though this board is still light for its length and width. There is elastic on both the back and front. Thanks to the elastic you can easily carry your food and drinks or even a tent. take with you in a dry bag. This makes it the ideal board for travelers. The board’s design is inspired by the monolithic images called Moais, this is where the brand name of the SUP brand comes from. And the inspiration is not only in the board, the inspiration can be found in the entire package.

Stability on the water

Thanks to the high volume and the wide middle base, this board is very stable. That is also part of the comfort of this SUP. The stability ensures that both beginners and advanced suppers can have fun on this board.

Manoeuvrability in the water

To our surprise, the Moai 12’6 is still quite manoeuvrable. Just as the wide center base and high volume provide stability, they also provide maneuverability. Bends are easy to make thanks to this combination. Which is also partly due to its good stability, the more stable you are, the easier you make the bend. Just don’t expect a super manoeuvrable board, a touring board will always be less manoeuvrable than an all-round one. But for a touring paddle Board, this sup is super manoeuvrable. And with a touring board, manoeuvrability is not one of the most important factors. You will almost only go forward and will hardly come into situations where you make a sharp turn. But luckily he can do it if necessary.

Conclusion Moai 12’6 Touring SUP review

If you are looking for an affordable touring Paddle Board then this package is ideal. The board offers good properties such as stability, manoeuvrability and quality. And don’t forget that you also get all the necessary accessories. And all that for a competitive price. Beginner or advanced, it doesn’t matter. Every supper can make trips with pleasure and comfort on this board. See our final score for the Moai 12’6 Touring Paddle Board package below: