Before you buy a sup paddle, it is important to know where you are going to paddle in order to make the right choice. Are you going to surf, race or just paddle on flat water?

It is also important to know what space you have to store the sup paddle. In addition, it is also important to know how you are going to take the paddle with you. You have various types of sup paddles, including adjustable paddles, the adjustable sup paddles can be two-piece or three-piece. You also have sup paddles that consist of one piece, called fixed paddles.

When you travel, a two-piece or three-piece paddle is much easier to carry and transport. There are different types of sup paddles for different purposes, such as for supping in the waves, here we often use a shorter paddle with a larger blade for. If your goal is to race and gain speed, it is better to opt for a slightly smaller blade. You want to keep your paddle stroke frequency high.

SUP paddles come in different weights, a carbon sup paddle is lighter, aluminum is heavier. A sup paddle of Nylon is a bit in between. The aluminum sup paddles are more durable. A light sup paddle gives more comfort and a heavier sup paddle takes more energy to paddle. The blade of the SUP paddle is very important. The shape, size and angle largely determine the characteristics.

What blade size do you need?

Often the lighter and smaller individuals take a smaller blade than others. A to large blade often asks for problems because your muscles often acidify faster. You often see that a large paddle blade increases the risk of injury.

In brief:

  • Sup paddle at sea – short sup paddle with large blade
  • Sup paddle for racing – sup paddle with a small blade and high comfort
  • Supping on flat water  – sup paddle with both a large and small blade is possible, it depends on your own height
  • Sup paddle for travel – vario paddle two-piece or vario paddle three-piece

A carbon sup paddle is light, stiff and has more comfort. A nylon sup paddle is slightly lighter than an aluminum paddle, but slightly heavier than a carbon paddle. A sup paddle made of aluminum is heavier but more durable.

If the blade of the sup paddle is small, you can keep your paddle frequency much higher. If you can keep your paddle frequency high, you will also go through the water faster. This takes less energy!

The correct length of a sup paddle is different for everyone. The calculation that is often used for the correct paddle length is: 10% of your body length on top of your normal body length. (body length : 100 = ? x 110 = paddle length)

Other guidelines are:
For paddle boarding in the waves: length + 20cm
For all-round sup: length + 23cm
For race: length + 26cm

These are all guidelines, it really varies from person to person and what kind of paddle you use. It really comes down to what length feels most comfortable for you to paddle with. You could use an adjustable paddle for this, so that you can always adjust the length of the paddle to your liking. This way you can find out which length you like best!

With a fixed paddle, it is recommended to cut the paddle generously and then test. You can then shorten the paddle until you are satisfied. Use tape to secure the handle until you are sure you have found the right length. Then you can glue the handle permanently. 

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