SUP stands for Stand Up Paddle/Stand Up Paddling, also known as SUPing. SUP is also an abbreviation for SUP boards. SUPing is the most accessible water sport there is. Almost anyone can learn it! SUPing is sporty and relaxing at the same time. All you need for SUP is a SUP board, paddle and leash. You can go anywhere on the water, on lakes, ponds or the sea.

A SUP, the best way to relax on the water

SUPing is affordable for almost everyone. It is the best way to enjoy the water for relaxation. You instantly see ponds, lakes, or the sea in a different way. You don’t need a boat to relax on the water, and there are no storage or mooring costs. Just purchasing a SUP board is enough!

A SUP, the best way to be sporty on the water

You can challenge yourself perfectly on the water. You train your entire body with SUPing. Are you going for short or long distances or are you going for pure speed! The choice is yours!





Moai Wing 10’8

incl. VAT
The MOAI Wing SUP 10’8 offers the perfect combination of stand-up paddling and winging. Perhaps the Wing SUP is something

Moai SUP 10’6 Ultra Light Dawn

incl. VAT
The Moai SUP 10’6 Ultra Light Blue is the perfect board for the whole family. With its slightly wider design

Moai SUP 11 Ultra Light Ocean

incl. VAT
The Moai SUP 11 Ultra Light Ocean is the lightweight version of the classic Moai SUP 11. This board is

MOAI SUP 10’6 Ultra Light Blue

incl. VAT
The Moai SUP 10’6 Ultra Light Blue is the perfect board for the family. The board is slightly wider than

The advantages of an inflatable paddle board

From inflatable SUP boards to hardboard SUP boards. At Isupcenter you will find various types of SUPS. The inflatable boards are by far the most popular.


ISUPs (Inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards) can be deflated and then stored in their carrying cases. They can then be easily transported in the trunk of your car, taken on an earoplane or boat or even carried on your back.


An inflatable paddle board can easily be carried by one person. For this reason, they are easy to take anywhere. In addition, unlike a conventional board, they can be stored anywhere.


You will be surprised at how robust and strong these inflatable stand up paddle boards are. They are almost indestructible! They all have a soft grip pad on top that helps to protect you from cuts, scrapes and bruises.

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