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David Ziessen

January 9, 2023

We regularly test the paddle boards that we sell on our webshop. This time it’s the Moai Touring 14” it’s turn. Moai is a brand with many popular Paddle Boards in its collection. Many of them are all-round boards, this board is not. The Moai touring 14 is mainly focused on touring, but racing is also no problem with this board. With this board you can easily cover long distances. In our reviews we pay attention to a number of important factors. This ranges from quality to manoeuvrability.

What is the Moai Touring 14” for Paddle Board?

You can actually read it in the name, this board is meant for touring. You can also use it well as a race board. If you would like to make long trips on your board, this could be a very good choice for you. The quality of Moai is good, especially the price / quality ratio is super nice. This board is a very good middle class and certainly scores better than, for example, Aqua Marina. With the full package you immediately have everything you need to start your SUP adventure. Are you curious about the other Moai SUPS? Check out our handy Moai Buying Guide. We have tested the entire package, although this review mainly focuses on the Paddle Board itself.

Contents of the Moai Touring 14” package

Everything you need for stand up paddle boarding is included in the package. The items in the package are of good quality. The adjustable fiberglass/aluminium paddle is lighter than the paddle that was previously in the package, even though this fiberglass paddle does contain more flex (bend) during supping. All the accessories below are included in the package: • Moai 14′ touring Paddle Board • NEW: Adjustable fiberglass paddle • NEW: Reinforced trolley backpack • NEW: US vin box • Double action pump • Removable fin • Leash

Test Factors

During testing, we pay attention to the same factors every time. We do this so that we can make the best reviews and compare the boards in the best way. These are the factors we test:
  1. How qualitative the SUP is
  2. How stiff the board is
  3. Whether the SUP is stable in the water
  4. And finally, we test how manoeuvrable the stand up paddle board is
After testing the four factors, we give each factor a number from 0 to 100. These numbers will eventually lead to a number from 0 to 10. Do you want to see the final figures immediately? Then scroll to the bottom of this page. See below the results of the tested factors.

Quality of the Paddle board

The Moai touring 14” is an amazingly good board. For this price you get a beautiful board of good quality. Moai is known for its competitive prices in the SUP market. The board itself is really nothing to complain about except for the usual minor visual creases (which you will have with any Paddle Board). With the new innovative fusion double PVC layer this is a very stiff board. On both the front and the back there are elastics under which you can attach your luggage. This is also ideal to put under a Drybag so that you can take your things dry and easy on your sup trip.

Stiffness of the Paddle board

The inflatable board has a double PVC layer. This ensures that the board will bend a lot less on the water. The new technology has also ensured that the board is stiff and easily glides through the water. Especially with its length of 14 feet and its sharp ‘nose’ it cuts well through the water and you don’t have to put in much effort to move forward and cover long stretches. The only drawback to the double layer PVC layer is that it is slightly heavier. You will not feel any of this on the water, only while lifting.

Stability on the water

The stability will be less than with an all-round supboard or, for example, with the Moai Touring 12’6″. The board is more aimed at the advanced supper. The advanced paddler will have a lot of fun with this board and with good use can go on long trips for several years.

Manoeuvrability in the water

With the board’s length (14 feet), it’s not made for maneuverability. So it isn’t really manoeuvrable. If you are looking for manoeuvrability you should look at the Moai Touring 12’6″. That board is also a touring but will certainly be more manoeuvrable than the Moai Touring 14″

Conclusion Moai Touring 14” SUP review

If you are looking for a good touring/racing Paddle board for a competitive price, this package is ideal for you. The package offers good quality, the accessories are expected to work. This board is designed for the advanced supper. The board is very stiff and will perform well on the water. It is perfect for covering long distances. With the complete package you are immediately ready to start your SUP trips! Look at the bottom of the page if you are curious about the Moai Touring 14” score.

Moai Touring 14