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Most Popular Dog SUP Accessories: Top 5

Earlier we made a blog with the best tips for supping with the dog. In this blog we mentioned that the right accessories are super handy. In this blog about the most popular dog SUP accessories, we will discuss which accessories they all are. We have made a top 5 of the most popular dog SUP accessories. Check out the top 5 below:

honden zwemvest1. Life jacket for dogs

A life jacket for dogs is ideal for when you go stand up paddling with your dog. A life jacket for dogs contains a number of unique advantages. These advantages ensure that this accessory cannot be missed from your dog SUP collection. View the benefits below.

Advantages of a life jacket for your dog:

  1. You can clip a belt to the vest so you can keep your dog on your board
  2. You can pull your dog out of the water with the life jacket when necessary
  3. It allows your dog to float for a certain amount of time

anti slip mat voor honden sup2. Anti-slip Mat

We’ve already mentioned it in our ‘how to protect your paddle board against dog nails’ blog; a non-slip mat is essential for when you want to go paddle boarding with your dog. Just like the dog life jacket, an anti-slip mat is also indispensable for paddling with your dog. We ourselves use a simple double-sided doormat with an anti-slip pattern. View the benefits of such a mat below.

Advantages of an anti-slip mat:

  1. Your dog’s nails can’t scratch or puncture the sup board when he’s on the mat
  2. Your dog will be able to slide a lot less quickly
  3. Thanks to the mat, it is clear to your dog which area on the Paddle board is its place

heup riem honden sup accessoire3. Hip belt

With the hip belt you can keep your dog close to you in combination with the aforementioned dog life jacket. This hip belt is super nice because this way you have your hands free to paddle, but you can still keep your dog close to you on the SUP. And if your dog falls into the water with you, you can unclip the leash with the clip so that you are not connected to each other.

beloningstas populairste honden sup accessoires4. Reward bag

If you want to train your dog to stay on the Paddle Board, a reward bag can come in handy. This bag can be clipped to your waist belt or Stand Up Paddle Board. This bag also contains a special compartment for dog poop bags. Thanks to these bags you can take a long trip with your dog and in the meantime let him out somewhere. If this wasn’t enough, the bag also contains a special headphone output. This ensures that you can put an MP3 player in the compartment and let your earphones come out through the special output. This way you can listen to music while stand up paddling. Make sure that both the MP3 player and the earphones are waterproof, because the bag is not waterproof.

5. Leash

When you fall off your paddle board, you don’t want it to float away from you, especially if your dog is still on it. For this reason, a leash is super important. A leash ensures that your Stand Up Paddle Board stays close to you at all times. This way you ensure that both you and your dog stay safe while paddling.

sup waterflesBonus: water bottle

The Red Paddle water bottle keeps water cool for up to 24 hours. When you go supping, that is of course very important. Especially since you often go supping in good weather and therefore need more water. It is also very important for your dog to stay hydrated. Your dog can lick out of the removable cap or you can bring an extra bowl for your dog to drink from. A dry bag can come in handy here. You can easily store the bottle and more in a dry bag. Moreover, the bag is waterproof, so you can even take your mobile with you, even though we recommend a waterproof phone case more, since you wear it around your neck and therefore have it closer to you.

Did you find this article about the most popular dog SUP accessories interesting and do you want to know more about supping with your dog? Then check out our best tips for supping with your dog blog.

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