top 3 best aqua marina paddle boards

Top 3 Aqua Marina Stand Up Paddle Boards

Aqua Marina is a well-known Stand Up Paddle Boarding brand that is best known for its strong price/quality ratio. The SUPS from Aqua Marina are therefore not of such good quality as the boards from Fanatic and Red Paddle. But that is also virtually impossible for the price range in which Aqua Marina is located. These boards are in a low price range, and the quality they offer within this price range is exceptional.

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About Aqua Marina

Aqua Marina is a major brand within the water sports market. They have been selling Stand Up Paddle Boards for years, and they have already sold more than a million! Aqua Marina has a wide range of water sports articles. If you look at the price/quality ratio, this is surely one of the strongest SUP brands on the market.

Top 3 Aqua Marina Stand Up Paddle Boards

In this top 3 we list the best Aqua Marina SUPS. The top 3 is based on multiple factors including stability, speed and comfort. Check out the top 3 below.

Number 1: Aqua Marina Fusion

The Aqua Marina Fusion has been Aqua marina’s best-selling Paddle Board for years. And that’s not for nothing. This SUP has a nice length, thickness and width, making it stable, manoeuvrable and also reasonably fast. With this all-round board you can do almost anything, you can even fitness and surf with it (although the Vapor is the best board for surfing).

Ideal for beginners and advanced paddlers

The Fusion board from Aqua Marina is ideal for both beginners and advanced paddlers. Thanks to its stability, every beginning paddle boarder can find his way with this SUP. And the length ensures that an advanced person can also achieve nice speeds with the SUP. The Fusion is also amazingly manoeuvrable, which benefits both the beginning and the advanced paddler as you can easily manoeuvre yourself.

Benefits of the Aqua Marina Fusion Paddle Board

  • 15 cm thick and 81 cm wide and therefore nice and stable
  • 330cm long, so you can go fast with it
  • Lightweight, only 8.4 kg
  • Maximum user weight of 150kg
  • Can be pumped up to 15PSI so that the SUP achieves a nice stiffness
  • Can be used for stand up paddling, surfing and fitness
  • Ideal for both the beginning and the advanced Stand Up Paddle Boarder
  • De Fusion word in een zeer compleet pakket geleverd

Number 2: Aqua Marina Atlas

The Aqua Marina Atlas board is the best all-round Paddle Board for the longer paddler (from 180cm) from Aqua Marina. It is just a bit more expensive than the other all-round versions, which is why it is number 2 and not number 1. The Atlas is a fast and stable SUP that almost anyone with a longer length can enjoy. The SUP is ideal for both the beginning and the advanced supper. The board is very stable and fast so that everyone can have fun on it.

Comfort of the Aqua Marina Atlas

The Aqua Marina Atlas offers a high level of comfort. This is mainly due to its thickness of 15 cm, width of 86.4 cm and volume (air volume) of 390 liters. The speed at which you can paddle on this Stand Up Paddle Board also makes it very pleasant. Thanks to the space you have on the SUP, you can easily take your child or dog with you. This way you can have fun on the board with just the two of you!

Benefits of the Atlas package

  • Inflatable and therefore easy to carry
  • High volume, wide base and a nice thickness that makes it very stable
  • A maximum user weight of 180kg
  • From the higher segment and therefore of top quality
  • Thanks to the plenty of space on the board, you can bring your child or dog with you
  • You can easily make and maintain speed on this SUP
  • Ideal package for beginners and advanced paddlers
  • The Atlas comes in a very complete package

Number 3: Aqua Marina Vapor

The Aqua Marina Vapor has been one of the best-selling Paddle Boards from the Aqua Marina collection for years. This is mainly due to the competitive price of this ideal beginners board. The price is very low for a Paddle Board that offers ideal qualities and also comes in a very complete package. The Vapor is therefore mainly bought by beginning paddlers. This is due to several factors, including the cheap price, the complete package and how easy you can learn to paddle on this SUP.

Compact SUP/surf board

The Vapor board is 315cm long, this is not long and this brings some advantages. The SUP is compact, light in weight, manoeuvrable and also suitable for surfing. Surfing with this SUP goes surprisingly well for a Paddle Board. The compactness of this board benefits in the waves. The smaller the SUP, the easier it is to maneuver on/in the wave.

Benefits of the Aqua Marina Vapor package

  • Very compact
  • Inflatable and therefore easy to carry
  • Light in its weight, only 8.5 kg
  • Thanks to its compactness, it is very suitable for surfing
  • Stable thanks to the thickness of 15cm
  • Manoeuvrable thanks to its length of 315cm
  • Competitively priced and complete package

Bonus: Aqua Marina Magma

As a bonus to the top 3, we select the Aqua Marina Magma. When you talk about Aqua Marina Paddle Boards, you don’t easily think of the Magma. Yet it is an ideal Paddle Board for many stand up paddlers. You can make beautiful trips with a comfortable speed. The length of 11’2 feet and the pointed nose ensure as little resistance as possible. An ideal SUP for both the beginner and the intermediate supper.

Speed with comfort

The Aqua Marina Magma allows you to paddle comfortably at higher speeds. This ensures that it can be used both as an all-round and touring SUP. Ideal if you are looking for a middle ground between an all-round and touring SUP.

Benefits of the Aqua Marina Magma package

  • Pointed nose that cuts through the water
  • Pointed back, making it manoeuvrable
  • Consists of 2 layers of PVC, which makes it extra sturdy
  • Both stable and fast
  • Complete and competitively priced package

Aqua Marina Collection video

Do you want to know everything about the top 3 Aqua Marina Paddle Boards? Then watch the video below:

Do you want to know more about Aqua Marina SUP after reading these top 3 Aqua Marina SUP Boards? Then take a look at our Aqua Marina blog. Are you planning to purchase a Stand Up Paddle Board but don’t know which one suits you best? Then take a look at our purchase guide for SUP Boarding.

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