paddle board tips for beginners

SUP Tips for Beginners

Have you never been on a Stand Up Paddle board? Are you curious about the best way to hold a SUP paddle and keep your balance while paddling? Then this guide is written for you: we have listed the most useful SUP tips for beginners. Read the tips and you will soon stand a lot stronger on your Paddle board!

Start supping in calm waters

As a beginning Paddle Boarder it is smart to first start in calm waters before you go Stand Up Paddle Boarding directly on the open sea. Think of large recreational waters or lakes. With calm waters you can get acquainted with supping at your leisure, without the waves causing you to constantly fall off your paddle board.

Make sure you have the right paddle board

One of the most important steps when starting supping is to score the right paddle board. For the beginning paddle boarders there are special boards for beginners, which are somewhat wider and shorter than paddle boards for advanced paddle boarders. We are also happy to advise you in making the right choice in the field of Stand Up Paddle Boards.

Get the right SUP paddle

In addition to a suitable Paddle board, the choice of the right SUP paddle is also extremely important. Earlier we wrote a guide to determine the ideal length of a SUP paddle. It is smart to read these too, so that you purchase a SUP paddle that best suits your height. The length of a paddle is extremely important for both beginners and experts.

Don’t be afraid to SUP

Another tip we want to give you: don’t be afraid! You really don’t have to be afraid of anything as long as you follow the safety rules. Listen carefully to the SUP instructor and follow his or her instructions when you take a SUP lesson. When you know that you don’t have to be afraid of anything, you will notice that you are a lot more stable and confident on your Paddle board.

Learn to fall the right way

Of course we try to avoid falling into the water when Stand Up Paddle Boarding. However, this is very common, even with advanced Paddle Boarders! When you know how to fall correctly, you will have a more confident stance on your Paddle board.

Never look at your feet

A common mistake made by beginners is that they look at their feet while supping. This results in an imbalance on the paddle board, often resulting in a fall into the water. Look at where you want to go while supping. In addition, the environment is often too beautiful to just look at your feet…

Wear a life jacket

We always recommend wearing a life jacket while paddling. All the way out to sea, but also on recreational waters and lakes. This is an important tip for both beginners and advanced paddle boarders. It can also provide a more relaxed feeling and often you are more comfortable on your board. This is one of the most important SUP tips for beginners, but also for Paddle Boarders who have already practiced well.

Start supping on your knees

To get a good feeling with your Paddle board and while moving, it is always smart to start on your knees as a beginner. With this you will discover the maneuverability of the board and you can already practice paddling. When you feel better, you can try to get up slowly and then continue paddling in the correct SUP position (see next tip)!

Don’t stand like a surfer on your paddle board

Beginners are often inclined to stand on the paddle board like a surfer. By this we mean that the feet are perpendicular to the Paddle board. With supping, however, you place your feet parallel to each other on the paddle board. So you are, as it were, straight ahead. it is important to work on this immediately as a beginner if you notice that you automatically go into surf mode. Another important rule when supping is that you always stand at the height of the handle (where you pick up the board).

Have fun!

The last and most important sup tip for beginners: have a lot of fun! Enjoy the environment, nature and all other SUP fanatics around you. Everyone starts as a ‘beginner’ and everything takes time. You’ll find that you’ll enjoy much better results than if you’re focused on not making mistakes.

Did you find this blog about SUP tips for beginners interesting? Then also check out our top 10 Stand Up Paddle Boarding beginner tips.

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James Williams  - United Kingdom
James Williams - United Kingdom

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Agapios Chaniotakis - Greece

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Chantal Domburg - Netherlands

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Olivier Dubois - France

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