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Repair Or Replace Your Inflatable Paddle Board?

An inflatable Paddle Board is a big purchase. If your inflatable Paddle Board leaks for whatever reason, you will logically not be happy about it. There can be several reasons why your SUP is leaking. And there are several solutions for this. But should you repair or replace your inflatable Paddle Board?

sup board ventiel

Example of a Paddle Board valve

Causes of a leaking SUP

Let’s start by listing the causes of a leaking SUP. This can vary. See the list below for possible causes:

  • Leaking valve: if you have a leaking valve, the air runs past your valve or the valve no longer closes properly so that the air continues to flow. This can have several causes, such as:
    1. Age: when the board is old, the valve can wear out over time
    2. Pressure too high: when you inflate your Paddle Board above the recommended max. PSI, this can leave permanent damage such as a broken valve. So always pay attention to the recommended PSI of your SUP!
    3. The valve is loose: you can easily fix this with a dedicated valve wrench that can be found in a repair kit
  • Kapotte PVC laag: an inflatable SUP consists of  1 or 2 layers of PVC (depending on the board, you have both single layer, double layer and fusion boards). If tge SUP is damaged and the SUP no longer is airtight, then the sup will move deflate at high speed. There can also be several reasons for this:
    rubber reparatielap

    Voorbeeld van PVC

    1. Worn: after years of intensive use or if the SUP is not handled carefully (read: sliding it over the street for instance), the PVC layer(s) can wear out until the SUP leaks
    2. Sharp object: both in the water and outside the water there may be sharp objects that can make your SUP leak. So always pay close attention to this!
    3. Dog nails: if you regularly go stand up paddling with your dog, your dog’s nails can damage your board, eventually your board can even leak. It is therefore important to take the necessary precautions to keep both your dog and your SUP safe while supping. Check out our stand up paddling with your dog blog for more information and tips

  • Factory error: of course there can always be an error somewhere due to a factory error, which means that your Paddle Board is leaking or does not work properly. In this case, please consult the appropriate retailer where you purchased the board.

Solutions for a leaking paddle board

A leaking Paddle Board has several reasons, as mentioned above. There are also several solutions for some problems. View the solution(s) per problem below:

  • Leaking valve solution:
    1. Worn valve: the valve must be replaced. Check out our blog about replacing your Paddle Board valve for more information
    2. Broken valve due to too high pressure: first you have to check if there is no other damage left after inflating your SUP too hard. If this is not the case, you can replace the Board valve just like with the worn valve above
    3. The valve is loose: you can easily fix this with a dedicated valve wrench that can be found in a repair kit. You can also find the steps for this in the how to replace your SUP Board valve blog
  • Broken PVC layer solution:
    1. Worn:
    when the Paddle Board is worn it is usually a very small hole where the air comes out. If this is the case, you can choose to repair the Paddle Board yourself with a repair kit (read carefully first!) or to have the board repaired at a SUP repair company
    2. Sharp object: if your Stand Up Paddle Board has been punctured by a sharp object, it is first important to determine the size of the hole. If it is a small hole, it is still relatively easy to make. When it is a large hole, it is almost impossible to make the board normal again. A hole the size of your thumb will be very difficult. Even with a hole made by a sharp object, you can again choose to repair the SUP yourself with a repair kit or to have it done by a company
    3. Dog nails: Unfortunately, the scratches from dog nails cannot be removed. The only solution to both scratches and a puncture is to repair the board or replace it  when it isn’t repairable anymore
  • Factory fault: if there is a factory fault in your paddle board, this will have to be solved by the seller or manufacturer. Attention: contact the manufacterer in time!

sup board repareren of vervangen
Repair or replace your inflatable Paddle Board?

Above we have mentioned the causes and solutions of a Paddle Board leak. With a Board with a leaking valve, we always recommend having the valve replaced by yourself or by someone else. When your Paddle Board has a leak, you have to decide for yourself whether you would rather have your Stand Up Paddle Board repaired or whether you would rather buy a new one. There are some disadvantages associated with repairing your SUP. View them below.

Pros and cons repairing a paddle board

Disadvantages of repairing a leaking Paddle board:

  1. It is a time-intensive job, and if you have it done you can count on at least 50 euros
  2. A repair of a flat SUP never lasts long when the board is used properly. For example, you may have to carry out the repair again every 3 to 6 months
  3. When you repair a leak on a board, the properties of the board deteriorate in almost all cases. Maybe it’s not always immediately noticeable, but the board will never get better of it

Benefits of repairing a leaking Paddle Board:

  1. Purchasing a new Stand Up Paddle Board can be pricey making repair a better solution in the short term

opblaasbaar sup board super sterk


Repair or replace your inflatable Paddle Board? For the long term, buying a new Paddle Board is a better choice. This is mainly because it will cost you less time and possibly money in the long run. Also, the qualities of the board will be negatively affected when it is repaired. If you don’t have enough budget to buy a new board, we recommend that you repair the paddle board and save for a new board in the meantime. A new board will be a lot less hassle and a lot more fun. Conclusion: Buy a new Stand Up Paddle Board when you have the budget available, this will give you the most fun and quality. If you don’t have the budget available, repairing your board will be a nice temporary solution.

Does your Paddle Board has a leak and do you want to buy a new one? Then take a look at our SUP webshop. We have an extensive collection of both Paddle Boards and accessories.

Do you want to maintain your Paddle Board well? Check out our blog with maintenance tips for SUPS.

It is also important to know how to prepare your inflatable SUP for use. Read our blog about getting your ISUP ready for use for all the tips and tricks.

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