how to choose the right paddle

How Do I Choose The Right Paddle?

How do I choose the right paddle? After you have chosen the right stand up paddle board, it is also important to choose the right paddle.

We have listed 3 important tips for you that you should pay attention to when choosing the right SUP paddle.

What type of sup paddles are there?

We have researched what types of paddles there are. During this research we have constantly thought about the following question: how do I choose the right paddle. That research has shown that there are 3 types of sup paddles.

  1. Een sup peddel bestaand uit één vaste lengte: dit soort type sup peddels moeten op de juiste maat gezaagd worden om zo tot de ideale lengte voor jou te komen
  2. Een vario peddel: een vario peddel is tweedelig. Deze bestaat uit twee delen die je in elkaar kan schuiven. Het voordeel van deze peddel is dat je hem ten alle tijden kan verstellen naar de gewenste maat
  3. Een driedelige peddel: een drie-delige sup peddel bestaat uit 3 delen die je in en uit elkaar kan schuiven. Het voordeel is dat deze makkelijk mee te nemen is op vakanties of op een trip. Ook deze peddel is net zoals de vario peddel verstelbaar

Van welk materiaal moet mijn sup peddel zijn?

We have researched what types of paddles there are. During this research we have constantly thought about the following question: how do I choose the right paddle. That research has shown that there are 3 common types of sup paddles.

    1. Carbon sup paddles: with carbon paddles there can be different percentages of carbon. This can vary from 10% to 100%. The advantage is that these paddles are super light, which gives a high level of comfort during supping. The more carbon, the lighter the paddle. Carbon paddles are the lightest paddles out there
    2. Fiberglass paddles: fiberglass paddles are slightly less light than carbon paddles, but also cheaper
    3. Aluminum paddles: these sup paddles are super sturdy and fool proof, these paddles are often used by families with children and at rental companies. The downside is that they are heavy

How do I determine the length of my sup paddle?

Determining the ideal length of your paddle depends on several factors. The height of the person and the purpose of the paddle are two important factors, among other things. Do you want to know what the ideal paddle length is for you? Check out our sup paddle length blog where we explain in detail how you can determine the ideal length of your paddle.


Our conclusion is that if you use the paddle almost exclusively for yourself, a fixed one-piece paddle will be the best choice for you. If you are a supper who already has more experience, we recommend a carbon paddle. Carbon paddles are super light, they are just more fragile than aluminum paddles. A rule of thumb is: the lighter the paddle, the finer your SUP trip is. Do you not only use the paddle for yourself and is the paddle also used in a family context? Then a vario or 3-piece paddle is the best choice for you and your family.

Conclusion best material

The best material for a vario or 3-piece family paddle is fiberglass or aluminum, because these materials can have a lot. Just keep in mind that fiberglass is more fragile than aluminum. On the other hand, fiberglass is a lot lighter and therefore also provides more comfort. So look especially at your family composition to see which sup paddle suits your family best.

Do you also want to take your Paddle board and paddle on holiday? Then a 3-piece paddle is the best choice because it is easy to carry thanks to its compactness.

Considerations aspects when choosing the right paddle

One last few tips to make sure you find the right paddle for you: keep the following aspects in mind when choosing the right sup paddle:

  1. Who will use the paddle? Take a fixed paddle for one person and a vario or 3-piece for more people
  2. Do you also travel with a paddle? If so, take a 3-piece paddle, it is compact and easy to carry
  3. Who will use the paddle? For an experienced paddle boarder, a carbon paddle is best because of the the light weight. For an inexperienced paddler, fiberglass is best. And for a child, an aluminum paddle is the most convenient. Carbon is the lightest but also the least strong, followed by glass fibre and after that the heavy but sturdy material aluminum.

View all types and types of sup paddles on our webshop. Are you not sure which sup paddle suits you best? Check out our SUP paddle advice guide or feel free to contact us.

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