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Electric Stand Up Paddle Boards: What Are They and What Can They Do?

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is becoming more and more known in the world and therefore also in Europe. When something becomes more known, there is almost always an expansion of offer within that area. In the field of paddle boarding, there has recently been a new expansion called electric Stand Up Paddle Boarding (e-paddling). Buying an Electric Paddle Board: what are they and what can they do? In this blog we will discuss in detail what electric paddle boards are and what you can do with them.

Don’t know what Stand Up Paddle Boarding is? Then first read our what is a paddle board blog.

What are electric SUPS?

Electric SUPS come in various types. You can compare an electric paddle board with an electric bicycle. You are supported by a battery and motor while paddling. You can also choose to let the electric SUP do the work alone, so that you basically have to stand alone and keep your balance. An electric Stand Up Paddle Board is ideal for when you are physically unable to paddle long distances or when you simply want an extra helper. View here which types of e-sups there are.

sipa e-sup

The operation of an electric paddle board

Types of Electric paddle Boards

As mentioned above, there are various types of e-SUPs. To see which e-sup suits you best, you have to see which supplies you find useful. View in the overview below which electric paddle Boards there are:

  • With only a battery and motor
  • With a battery, motor and self-inflating compressor
  • Both with and without built-in lighting
  • An engine that can move on its own or an engine that only gives support

We sell various types of the above-mentioned electric SUP Boards. Check out the e-sups.

sipa elektrische sup boarden uitvoeringen

E-sups types

What can e-sups do?

E-sups come in various versions. You have them with a motor that supports you or a motor that works completely on its own. You also have them with a built-in compressor so that the board can inflate itself. Built-in LED lighting is no exception in the electric paddle boarding world. And we have to say that firstly it looks super nice and secondly it is super cool. You can see the ground below you, and especially in countries where you have blue water, that is a unique experience as you can see the fish swimming.

Advantages of an electric Paddle Board

View the benefits of an electric SUP:

  • Our e-sups are inflatable and therefore easy to take with you
  • Self-inflates thanks to the built-in compressor
  • With the remote control you can easily turn the motor on/off or at a faster speed
  • With the built-in lighting you stand out and you can look at the ground with blue water
  • You can easily make long trips with an electric SUP
  • When you are normally physically unable to sup, an e-sup can offer the solution

Disadvantages of an electric Paddle Board

View the disadvantages of an electric SUP in the overview below:

  • Heavier than a normal Paddle Board thanks to the battery, motor, compressor and built-in lighting
  • More parts to break
  • Expensive to purchase

Which electric Stand Up Paddle Board suits you best?

Since there are several types of e-sups, it is difficult to choose one. It really comes down to personal preference. We notice that we prefer to paddle 99% of the trip ourselves, but sometimes need a rest when the headwind is too strong. With an e-SUP that sails completely by itself, you can take your rest because you don’t have to do anything yourself. That is why we would go for an electric sup that works on its own so that you can sometimes take a rest yourself.

If you want to buy an e-sup because you can’t get ahead with a normal Stand Up Paddle Board because it is too heavy for you, we recommend a board that only supports you. This way you will be helped but you also keep moving. If you can only exert yourself for a limited time due to health reasons, we would recommend a board that sails completely on its own. This way you only have to give effort when it is necessary. Just keep in mind that you just of course also have to steer, so don’t expect that you don’t have to do anything at all.

Sipa electric Paddle Board review

The video below explains how an electric Sipa board works, what you can do with it and how does it perform:

Electric Paddle Board maintenance

Maintaining your electric paddle board is almost the same as with a normal paddle board except for a number of small things. For example, it is very important that you occasionally charge the battery of the SUP when it is not in use so that the battery cannot be destroyed. It is also important that you do not leave the SUP on the charger all the time, charge it to 100% and then take it out.

Are you planning to purchase an electric SUP and do you want to maintain it as well as possible? Take a look at our paddle board maintenance and paddle board storage blog.

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