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10 Good Reasons Why You Should Start Stand Up Paddle Boarding!

10 good reasons why you should start Stand Up Paddle Boarding: paddle boarding remains extremely popular. We are currently experiencing a large increase in the sales of stand up paddle boards in countries as the Netherlands, Germany and France. This is mainly because you can’t get out of the door easily in country’s like this at the moment. But that is possible with Stand Up paddling, since this is not prohibited and can be practiced completely safely.

We have extensively researched why people prefer to paddle, and especially during this time. Read in this blog why you should buy a paddle board now!

We have described the ‘top 10 good reasons why you should start supping’ in detail below:

1. SUP is a sport that everyone can learn

SUP is a very accessible water sport. You only need a board and paddle to learn to Stand Up Paddle.
With the right instructions you can get on the water in no time. Do you want to learn the right techniques? Then we recommend that you take lessons at a SUP school. Or to read up on the SUP techniques for beginners blog.

beginnen met stand up paddle boarden

2. Stand Up Paddling is good for the mind

Because you are paddling on the water in a quiet environment, paddle boarding ensures that you don’t think about anything else than the moment itself. Paddling can therefore without a doubt be called ‘relaxing’:

3. Stand Up Paddling is relaxing

Stand Up Paddling is not only good for the mind, but also for total relaxation of your entire body and mind. To keep your joints and muscles flexible, stand up paddling is definitely recommended!

10 goede redenen waarom je moet beginnen met suppen

4. Paddling is a complete workout

The great thing about stand up paddle boarding is that you can enjoy sports outside. When paddling you use more than 95% of your muscles! Even during a long trip you use a lot of muscles.

If you just want to work on your body, a race Paddle Board is definitely recommended. If you are an advanced supper, you can use a race SUP for both racing and touring. Tip: take a wider race Paddle Board if you plan on making long tour trips. This gives a lot more comfort.

In addition to racing with a SUP, you can also do various training sessions or work-outs on your paddle board. Think of an interval sprint and/or pressing. Even yoga is possible on a sup. Do you want to know more about practicing yoga on a Stand Up Paddle Board? Check out our yoga on a SUP blog.

Do you prefer not to go to the gym and do you mainly like to exercise outside? then Stand Up Paddling is without a doubt the right sport for you!

5. Stand Up Paddling is possible wherever there is water

The nice thing about stand up paddling is that you can paddle anywhere where there is water. One can look for rivers, seas and beautiful pools to go paddle boarding.

Good to know: there are also paddle boards that are suitable for several people. The nice thing about this is that you can go supping on one paddle board together with your partner, child, friend or dog!

Are you planning to go supping with your dog? Check out our most important tips for supping with your dog

start je sup avontuur

6. Stand Up Paddling can be done alone or in a group

A big advantage is that you can decide for yourself whether you want to make a lovely trip alone or whether you want to go out on the water with your friends, family or colleagues.

In our webshop we have various affordable and complete SUP packages with a paddle board, paddle, leash and pump in the package. Thanks to these packages you can immediately go on the water

7. Stand Up Paddling is the perfect day out

The nice thing about supping is that you can make it a wonderful day out with your friends, family, team or even company. You can easily take your food and drinks with you on the sup board with a dry bag or a waterproof cooling bag specially made an paddle board.

8. Stand Up Paddling is possible all year round

With the right SUP clothing you can paddle all year round. In the summer you can put on lycra and/or a thin neoprene shirt, this protects you from the sun. Depending on the cold, you can use various thicknesses of water shoes and/or wetsuits to keep the temperature of your body at a good level.

suppen in de winter

9. Paddle board for every user

There is a Paddle Board for every user. You have various types of SUPS. We will name each type below:

  • Allround – ideal for beginning paddle boarders
  • Touring – ideal for the supper who wants to make long trips
  • Race – if you want to go as fast as possible, a race SUP is ideal. Note: a race sup is only recommended for advanced paddlers due to the difficulty level
  • Surf – if you want to both paddle and surf with your board, a surf SUP is ideal

Are you planning to buy a Stand Up Paddle Board but not sure which one suits you best? Then take a look at our Paddle Board buying guide or Paddle Board buying guide for beginners

10. A Paddle board is very practical

A Stand Up Paddle Board, and in particular an inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is very practical. You can take an inflatable paddle board with you everywhere since you can deflate it, roll it up and put it in a backpack. This way you can explore the whole world with your Board. You can even take a paddle board on the plane!

Did you find this ’10 good reasons why you should start supping’ blog interesting? Be sure to check out our other SUP blogs.

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James Williams  - United Kingdom
James Williams - United Kingdom

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Emily O'Connor - Ireland

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Agapios Chaniotakis - Greece

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Chantal Domburg - Netherlands

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Olivier Dubois - France

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